Spreading smiles 🙂


Hi, I’m Chelsea! I’m a photographer in the San Francisco Bay Area and my passion is capturing the special relationship you share with your pets, and capturing happy and beautiful moments.

As a long-time animal lover, I understand the special bond we have with our pets. To me, they aren’t just cute companions, they are an important part of the family. Despite my small size (I’m 5’2″), I’ve volunteered for, and received training from the Berkeley animal shelter, so I’m very comfortable working with animals of all shapes and sizes. And the animals can tell: many have commented on how quickly animals form a bond with me — I think they can sense that I want to be their friend.

I’ve been working as a photographer for several years now, and before focusing on pets I worked photographing weddings, families, boudoir shoots, and everything in between (see the other sections above to learn more). I feel like I’ve learned a lot from my experiences doing that work, and am confident that I’m ready for anything in my shoot with you!


Don’t hegitate to contact me!