Baby Squirrel♡

When I saw this squirrel, I couldn’t tell if she was a baby.


I found that she was so tiny when I got closer😍



She was exploring the world!

I wanted to get closer, but there was another squirrel who kept following me! She was soooo persistent and literally “stuck” around me for about 30 minutes!😂 I had been worried that she might jump on me and I would get scratched; she did jump on me!! But don’t worry! I didn’t get scratched since she only stayed on me for a moment, but I had to keep an eye on her more carefully.





Then a rescuer came! A dog! 😀 Both of the squirrels climbed up a tree.


It was a shame that there was a naughty squirrel, but I was really happy to see the little baby. This was my first time! I really want to see newborn squirrels. I felt like I got closer to that dream 🙂


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