Beautiful Testimonial from my Client

After deciding to leave my corporate career and becoming an independent business owner, I wanted to rebrand myself as true and honest to myself as possible. I wanted to create my life so that I can be with whom I like to be, be where I like to be, do what I like to do, do things however way I like it to do, whenever I like, being the bridge between Japan and U.S.A. and to the world, spreading and sharing love and dream and Aloha spirit. One of the keys I thought was to have a picture of true me. The photographer had to be the right person at the right location at the right timing whom I can share this life journey plan with. Light bulb moment and Chelsea came to mind. Immediately called her and she responded. Told her my feelings and she was right on. Instantly we were on the same page. It is amazing how fate is and how things are meant to be. Despite our packed schedules, we were able to set a good time/location. Nature and environment fell into place perfectly. From the first snapshot, my heart was open and the natural me came out. She felt it. I felt it. Together, we were able to create a lasting memory for ourselves during the process and the pictures will always bring back the feelings of that day as well as my passion to change my life and live the life I was born to live. I highly recommend spending time with Chelsea for those who want to change their life for the better and to understand the true honest you! Thank you, Chelsea! You are awesome!





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