Thick? Short? but you have them


I’ve been taking lots of photos of squirrels recently: I call them little dudes 🙂

Usually, I can’t tell if I see the same little dudes ever again, but this one is special.



This little dude is missing her tail and left hand.



Life can be tough for wild animals, so I don’t know what happened to her. But she shows up in front of me once in a while. I always feel relieved that she’s still hanging in there. She runs with 3 legs energetically and searches for snacks 🙂 This reminded me that I’m lucky to have both my legs. Like many women, I sometimes complain about how my legs look, but no matter how they look, I am grateful that they are healthy.



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3 thoughts on “Thick? Short? but you have them

    • Thank you for your beautiful comment! 💕She is adorable and hanging in there 🙂 I saw her again since this post 🙂 I should name her now 😉

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