5 minute Phenomenon

Do you look up at the sky?

6:23:02 pm

This is about a month ago now. The beautiful sky came into my sight just as I got back from shopping. The bottom of the sun was just on the horizon. I thought I had to share this beautiful phenomenon with you.

I hurried inside, grabbed my camera, and ran outside to capture the beautiful sunset, worried I might miss it. And I was right — the sun had just set. It was about a 5 minute event. Yes, the sun sets really fast! Though I missed the sunset, the sun didn’t just go away — it left this beautiful sky.

6:24:10 pm
At outside my place

Recently, the sunsets have been amazing! Especially, the clouds are dreamy and dramatic. The colors of the sky change rapidly. It was less than 10 minutes from the first photo I took to the last one.

6:31:07 pm

I remember, at some point, I was like a mole. I left home for work before the sun rose and left work after the sun set. Since my work place was located in the basement, I didn’t see the sun for a while. Now I see the sun every day. I live on a hill; It’s closer to the sun! I sincerely feel that I’m lucky, so I decided to share my luck and happiness with everyone.

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